Heartstrings'Heartstrings' is my second CD album and undoubtedly my best work to date. Some of the music was written in the French Alps, some in the Sahara Desert and some in Donegal in the north-west of Ireland. I seem to find great inspiration in beautiful places and so I hope to continue to seek out new locations to inspire future writing.

From an early age my first musical experiences were in Irish traditional music and I still enjoy playing Irish music for solo guitar. Some of my favourite arrangements are included here on the album. The album also pays homage to some of the great musicians who have influenced my musical journey, in particular Gary Moore and Django Reinhardt.

It was also a great privilege for me to work with legendary producer Tom Newman, best known for his work on Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Throughout the making of this album Tom was a great guide and inspiration and I learnt so much from him. I really hope you get as much pleasure listening to the album as I have had putting it all together.

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Preview Tracks from Heartstrings

Ski Slope Shuffle Cry Me A River The Windy Hill
Tabhair Dom Do Lámh/Off To California Parisienne Walkways
Sahara Manouche à Trois
Harvest Home/The Wedding Reel/Tam Lin I'm Not In Love



'Turais' translates from Irish as 'Journeys' and this album is the result of many journeys in my life to date. The rollercoaster ride from naive schoolday rock bands, to latter day festival headliners and finally, a soloist. A trip that started on a cheap barely playable Stratocaster copy all those years ago which led me to explore and discover many fine instruments which have brought me great pleasure. The gradual transitions from electric to acoustic instruments and from nylon to steel strings. And of course the great destinations I have visited along the way as a player, teacher, skier or tourist.

'Turais' is a collection of contemporary pieces I have written for solo fingerstyle guitar alongside some of my own arrangements of tunes that have influenced me over the years.

The guitar used on the album is a Lowden S25 on all tracks except Nocturne which was played on a Lowden Custom Baritone.

Have a listen to some of these audio clips and hopefully we'll meet on a future journey.

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Preview Tracks from Turais

Daydreams Feeling-Good Fragile
Polka-Medley Nocturne Firedance
Rush-Hour Cause-We've-Ended-As-Lovers Scared-So


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